Capt. Marc Cobos



Born on the Galapagos Islands "San Cristobal" and grew up in Southern California. In 1998 moved to the Brazilian Amazon to the city of Manaus and quickly grew attached to the Brazilian culture, the people and its natural wonders it had to offer.

Worked in tourism since 1998 in the Eco-tourism and direct with anglers in search of their trophy Peacock Bass. Managed fishing resort for over 10yrs,

As a nature guide learned much about the Rainforest and worked hosting many anglers from around the world who came after great adventures searching for the Peacock Bass "Tucunare".

A few of he favorite activities; taking anglers on their fishing adventures and making their trip the best ever with many memories and adventures to remember.  Going out to local villages and giving support with any needs possible.  Taking his guest out to know more about the Rain forest with its fauna and flaura day or night to name a few.

Capt. Marc's, passion for the Peacock Bass started in 2003 when he went to work with an operators in the Amazon spending 6 months per season, year after year, giving him vast knowledge on the Rio Negro.  Capt Marc fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, knows the Rio Negro just as much as his guide, lived with the natives, traveled with them, spent countless days out on the river, exploring locations, coordinating fishing destinations, follows the river's changes and knows where to go and what to look for season after season. The hand picked Guides and Staff will take exceptional care and let our guest have their best trip possible. 

Conventional and fly fisherman have since been astounded by the spectacular angling, and charmed by the unspoiled rain forest  surroundings and its wildlife. 

Be one of those privileged anglers and have your adrenaline pushed to its limits by one of these ferocious fighting fish of the black waters of the Amazon. That explosive power is what brings anglers back year after year and the possibility of taking someone to the ultimate catch for their record trophy fish. Catering to both conventional and fly fisherman, offering the best fishing on the Rio Negro. 



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