The Main Fishes of the Amazon

There are Four species of peacock bass starting with the most beautiful of them all, he Butterfly which on average is around 4lbs to 8lbs with the current record at 12lbs.9oz. 

Butterfly Peacock

Three Barred/Acu, which is considered to be the male due to its large bump on its head during spawning season. They range in size on average between 4lbs and 18lbs and well above 20lbs categories with the record being at 29lbs. The male during the spawning season shows off its bright red belly and it huge knot on the head with vibrant colors.

 Speckled/Paca, which is the female of the two larger species. This species turns in dark colors and lighter colors depending on where it was caught. It can be from a dark chocolate brown color to a light golden green color which is like a prism in the light. Don't be surprised to catch both the male and female in the same spot since they will always protect their young in an explosive manner. Some have landed both on one lure, not that's a fight "two 18 pound fish at once". 

Barred/ Acu Peacock

 Last but not least the one which has been seen more often in the past several years, this little one with a strange and sometimes appealing array of markings, it usually ranges in the couple of pounds range but just like the butterfly its a fun fish to catch and puts up a good fight. Little Yellow is what I call him or "smiley".

Some of the other fish you will catch are the rainbow peacock or "Jacunda" or even a Giant Oscar which are all in the CICHLIDA FAMILY; just look for the eye in the tail. 

The unpredictable piranha, these will hit any lure you through in front of them. They will range between at a couple of pounds with some getting bigger. These are best seen on a green stick grill on the side of the river during a nice shore lunch after a long day of fishing with a nice cold beer by the side.  A small piranha less than 3-inches will take the tip of your finger off if it gets a good chomp, I almost lost mine, now imagine one this size, it will take the whole finger off. 

"Jacunda" - Giant Oscar

Speckled/ Paca Peacock

Little Yellow Peacock

Traira (Wolf-Fish) are ferocious predators with large mouths and very sharp canine-like teeth. They are in the shallow banks waiting to ambush anything that passes by them. This fish has lots of bacteria in its mouth and you don't want to get bitten by one of these. 

Traira  "Wolf-fish"


The Bicuda or the Amazon Version of the Barracuda, this mean little fish is a great fighter and will hit all lures if in the area. Keep your finger out of its mouth and away, it will turn and bite you as it has many time happened to myself. Luckily they aren't as bad as the Traira with all its bad bacteria in its mouth.  

Now you want to see what a Peacock loves to go after, this is one of them the Aracu, it ranges on average about 10-inches and peacock love them. There are many others that they will also eat, as a matter of fact they will eat all the other ones above too. This little Aracu is what most villagers love to eat grilled, fried or with some potatoes in a pot, fish stew. 



The Giant Piraiba Catfish or Filhote which can reach upwards of 400lbs. This one here was as tall as I am, almost 6ft long and it almost sunk the fishing boat while trying to get it on board. It's one of the fish that legends come from where giant catfish eat natives and they are never seen again. This one could very well grab a small child's head, arm or leg and drag it to its death and never to be seen again. 

The Giant Piraiba Catfish

The great fish of the Amazon, the Tambaqui, although not from the Rio Negro you will see this fish on the menu in Manaus. It's one of the best tasting fish, grilled, in a stew or just fried in the pan with some side orders it makes a must try delicious plate. 

Bicuda  (Brazilian Barracuda)

The powerful fighter rhe Red Tailed Catfish, Pirarara which can reach up to 200lbs. These are normally caught in the canals running the big river around the islands and channels. Once caught it will run for cover so keep it away from the shore and fallen trees. Have fun bringing in this beauty! 

Red Tailed Catfish

Payara even though we don't have the monster payara's of the Amazon, these are some of the strange fish you will catch during your stay.



Now if you want to go fish for some of these fruit eating fish, just ask and we will make it a trip for the group.


The trophy we all come after, this could be you!


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